Hair Dyeing - Home Edition

Hair Dyeing - Home Edition

Dyeing your hair at home is gaining more and more popularity. And, we're here for it!

Some of us try tirelessly to preserve the colour outcome of our last visit to the hairdressers while others have switched to colour treating their hair exclusively from home. Semi-permanent hair dyes are currently experiencing a trend peak! This blog post introduces you to some selected products that will have you strutting your favoured hair colour in next to no time.

Semi-permanent hair dye

Genuine semi-permanent hair dyes achieve a change in colour without oxidation, i.e. with the addition of harmful hydrogen peroxide that is required for colour development. In other words, semi-permanent hair dyes contain so-called direct puller. Direct pullers are colour particles that embed the upper layer of the hair to achieve the desired colour outcome. Since direct pullers do not chemically alter the hair, the colour particles are washed out over the course of a few weeks. This means that semi-permanent hair dye does not lighten the hair, as bleach would, nor do they fully coat grey or white hair. A semi-permanent hair dye is a perfect option for either touching up one's own hair colour or correcting slight shifts in colour (e.g. brassiness on blonde hair).

Wella Color Touch

The rich tint found in the Color Touch product range by Wella provides long-lasting colour results and up to 50% coverage of white hair. Ammonia-free formulas are gentle on the hair and allow you to swap between shades more frequently. Discover the collection now and choose your favourite from 70 individual nuances!

idHair Colour Bomb

idHair leaves to desire unfulfilled - the sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity! From Cold Silber to Crazy Violet or Fire Red, there are a host of shades to choose from. The collection is comprised of 22 unique nuances that freshen up your existing hair colour while rich ingredients, such as keratin and D-panthenol nourish and fortify the hair. The result is hair that is oozing vitality, shine, moisture and long-lasting colour finishes.

La Riche Directions

Bring your hair colour into your life! Directions by the La Riche brand gives you incredible colour variety in order to create extraordinary looks. The direct hair tints are easily applied to freshly washed hair and deliver results for up to 3 - 4 weeks.

Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask

Moroccanoil´s intensive masks boast a variety of 7 different trendy shades. Formulated to boost smoothness whilst customising the hair colour to your liking. Accentuate your own hair colour or simply try out a new one.

View the hair touch up how to video here.

Root Cover Up

The professional root cover up by LÓréal. High-quality colour pigments coat the roots within seconds until your next salon appointment.