Fine Hair Types

Fine Hair Types

4 steps for boosting volume

Hair care routine

The right hair care routine for fine hair types begins in the shower. High-quality volumising shampoos provide noticeably more volume without weighing the hair down. The right conditioner and regular hair masks help to moisturise the hair and make it easy to comb.

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Hair cut

Hairdressing experts recommend a short to shoulder-length styles for fine hair since shorter hair automatically gives the hair more volume. Consult your hairdresser to find out what the perfect style is for you.


Colour tones can play a decisive role in making hair look fuller and more voluminous. Try something new! For example, if you prefer to wear your hair blonde, try darker shades to add depth to the overall look.



To give individual looks more volume, instant volume sprays and volume powders are ideal. They lift the roots, make the hair manageable and ensure a long-lasting look.

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