Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair Care

Natural hair care lines have become particularly popular in recent years - and rightly so! The rich ingredients ensure that the hair is supplied with sufficient moisture and vitamins based on powerful natural components. In the following blog post, we're introducing a few of the natural hair care brands that we carry in our store.

For more than 40 years, Aveda has relied on the power of flower and plant essences, unique formulas and essential oils, always following the philosophy that one's well-being is the basis of holistic beauty. The professional hair products include gentle shampoos, nourishing conditioners, salon-ready styling creams and much more. The comprehensive range also includes high-quality body and skincare products, so you can do something good for your body from head to toe.

Shampure shampoo
Nutriplenish Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner
Texture Tonic for Beachwaves
Tulsara Renewing Morning Crème

With a natural, pure and environmentally friendly approach, the brand O'right strives to provide future generations with a better and more sustainable lifestyle. The high-quality, organic ingredients are bundled into professional product lines that address specific hair care needs, such as anti-dandruff, hair loss, volume for fine hair or oily scalps, to name a few.
The Tree-in-the-bottle line is described as the greenest shampoo in the world because it is made from 100% compostable material and returns to nature - within a year. Thanks to a seed contained in the packaging, a tree eventually grows from the composted bottle!

Tree-in-the-bottle Caffeine Shampoo by O'right
Bamboo Conditioner by O'right

The Foamie brand is known for its high-quality, solid hair care products and sets an example in the fight against teh use of plastic packaging. Ingredients, such as aloe vera, coconut oil and hibiscus extract, cleanse the hair without drying it out and provide silky shine and plenty of moisture. The vegan, solid shampoos for normal, damaged and dry hair and the refreshing shower gels are paraben, sulphate and silicone-free, dermatologically tested and have a neutral pH value. Discover Foamie today!

Hibiskiss Shampoo by Foamie
Oat to be smooth 2-in-1 Shower Care by Foamie

The products from the Barcelona-based brand BIOVÈNE are also housed in plastic-free packaging. With their "Shampoo & Conditioner-in-a-bar", all hair types get their money's worth! Coconut oil, macadamia oil and keratin provide shine and moisture, argan oil repairs all hair types and beeswax protects against hair breakage. BIOVÈNE packs these and many other natural ingredients into its wonderfully fragrant solid shampoos and conditioners. Browse the brand!

Nourish Restore - Pink Heaven Solid Shampoo Bar by Biovéne
Damage Control - Coconut & Keratin Solid Shampoo Bar by Biovéne
Hydrate Repair - Argan Oil & Mint Solid Conditioner Bar by Biovéne