5 Hair myths - what is really true?

5 Hair myths - what is really true?

Styling products dry out your hair - Wrong.

Modern styling products also contain ingredients for moisture and shine. However, the styling itself should be done with as little heat as possible. Frequent use of curling irons or straightening irons will break the hair off one way or another, regardless of the quality of care the styling product provides.

2. Frequent washing promotes greasy hair - Wrong.

This myth is false, because the production of oil depends solely on the skin type, age and lifestyle of a person. Frequent washing tends to lead to a more intensive degreasing of the hair, i.e. it dries out more easily. However, modern, high-quality shampoos contain re-fattening agents that bring the surface and hair structure back into balance.

Stress can lead to hair loss - Correct.

On average, every person loses about 50-80 hairs per day, but stress in everyday life can lead to noticeably more hair loss. If this does not resolve itself after some time, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist.

A lot of brushing creates shiny hair - Correct, but...

Brushing the hair smoothes the hair structure and the natural fat is spread down the lengths of the hair. This makes the hair noticeably shinier, but too much brushing can also make the hair look greasy. The right balance is therefore the key to success.

Silicones are bad for your hair - Wrong.

Silicones act like a protective coat around the hair, nourishing it and giving it a beautiful shine. Static charge is reduced and combability is increased. Silicones are often criticised for their impact on the environment, as several studies have shown that the silicone substances are released into the wastewater during showering, cannot be broken down and are therefore stored in the environment. Even though this fact has not yet been fully proven, there is already a wide range of great care products that do not use silicones at all and still care for the hair sufficiently.