Split Ends: Tips & Tricks

Split Ends: Tips & Tricks

Heat and exposure to daily environmental influences can take a real toll on our hair, the ends in particular. Find out what causes split ends and how to prevent the formation thereof in today's blog post.

What are split ends?

Split ends affect all hair types, whether you have straight, curly, long or short hair. Split ends refer to the individual strands of hair fray at the tips, and in some instances, the hair can split from the ends all the way to the roots. The result is dry and lacklustre hair. But how do split ends come about? The occurrence of split ends is normal since our hair is exposed to natural environmental influences, such as UV rays, which can cause dryness and loss of resilience. More damaging, however, are the mechanical and chemical factors.

Mechanical influences: regular styling with heat tools, such as hairdryers, curling wands and flat irons.
Chemical influences: aggressive hair care products, frequent colour treatments and perms.

How to counteract split ends

Once the tips of the hairs have frayed, no shampoo, conditioner or treatment can mend them. The only way to get rid of split ends involves visiting your trusted hairdresser. The use of intensive-care products and a few handy tips can help to prevent split ends from occurring.

  1. Refrain from washing the hair too frequently.
  2. Use chunky brushes or wide-tooth combs on wet hair.
  3. DO NOT rub the hair dry with a towel. Instead, wrap it in a t-shirt or microfibre towel and allow the hair to dry in a turban.
  4. Always use heat protectants when styling with heat tools.
  5. Treat the ends of the hair with an extra portion of moisture, with a hair serum or fluid.

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