Specifique by Kérastase

Various scalp concerns - sensitivity, itchiness, dandruff, etc.

Specifique by Kérastase is a special product line formulated for the needs of sensitive, irritated scalp types. It restores the condition of the scalp for healthy and beautiful-looking hair.

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Scalp concerns can result from various factors. Kérastase Specifique product line is formulated to counteract these concerns. It soothes sensitivity and counterbalances any other concerns.

Specifique for hair loss
When hair becomes thinner and finer or lacks volume, this can be an indicator of hair loss or may lead to hair loss. Among other things, this may result from weak roots when the collagen layer hardens. The roots of the hair suffocate which leads to faster fallout.
Specifique Bain Prevention is ideal for counteracting this problem. It cleanses and stimulates teh scalp whilst strengthening the roots of the hair. As such, it slows down hair loss or can even stop it in its tracks.

Specifique for oily scalp types
Specifique Bain Divalent
products are formulated for oily scalp types and dry, brittle hair. It regulates the scalp and strengthens the hair fibres. Specifique Bain Divalent prevents the scalp from becoming oily too quickly. The scalp is gently cleansed without harming the sebaceous glands.

Specifique for dandruff
Spécifique Bain Anti-Pelliculaire
supports dry or oily scalp types by providing an intensive cleansing action, soothing the scalp and counteracting the formation of dandruff. For hair that is more resistant.

Specifique for a healthy scalp
Dermo Calm
products by Kérastase are specially formulated for irritated, itchy or dry scalp types. The formula cleanses the hair and the scalp while providing moisture. Sensitive scalp types are soothed, strengthened and given a cool, fresh feel.

Kérastase Specifique active ingredients

The active ingredients incorporated into these product formulas offer various benefits, such as soothing and regenerative effects. The following high-quality ingredients are utilised:

  • Aminexil: stimulates the root of the hair thereby stimulating hair growth
  • Vitamin PP: promotes microcirculation of the scalp
  • Arginine: stimulating effect on the hair
  • Gluco-lipid: a patented combination of glucose and lipids that revive and nourish
  • AOX: protects against excess sebum production
  • Rhamnose: stimulates the scalp
  • Zinc pyrithione: cleanses and inhibits bacterial growth

The Specifique product line is adapted to unbalanced scalp types and is ideal for daily use. The range includes shampoo, intensive ampoule treatments and everything in between. Many of the products can be combined to suit your hair's individual needs. Here is the range of shampoos included in the Specifique collection:

  • Bain Prévention has a balancing effect on the scalp. It cleanses the hair and the scalp. The shampoo has a stimulating effect and thus counteracts hair loss.
  • Bain Divalent is formulated for oily scalp types and dry ends. It prevents excess sebum production and provides a wonderfully fresh feel.
  • Bain Anti-Pelliculaire removes dry and oily dandruff while minimising new dandruff formation. For hair that is shinier and revitalised.
  • Bain Vital Dermo-Calm is specially formulated for normal to slightly oily hair. It has a balancing and cooling effect on the scalp.
  • Bain Riche Dermo-Calm is developed for sensitive scalp types and dry hair types. It cleanses, soothes and revitalises the scalp.

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