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Integrated advanced bonding system targeted towards the needs of blonde hair

BlondME by Schwarzkopf Professional is dedicated to targeting the individual needs of all blonde hair. Thanks to the versatility of the 3D Bond Creation System, it fulfils the high demands of blonde hair to deliver perfect results.

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Blonde hair stands for individuality and self-confidence. Not all blonde tones are alike. Therefore, blonde hair requires individual and effective care that is gentle on the sensitive structure of the hair.
Schwarzkopf Professional fulfils the needs of blonde hair with its wide range of versatile products. The BlondME product range is formulated with the 3D Bond Creation System to deliver excellent results.

3D Bond Creation System

BlondME is a high-performance product line formulated with a 3D bond technology called the 3D Bond Creation System. This system has a triple action that protects the hair, maintains it and rebuilds the hair fibres. It strengthens the structure of the hair and improves the health thereof, thus reducing hair breakage significantly. The formula intensifies colour brilliance to achieve long-lasting shine.
Thanks to this innovative system, blonde hair maintains suppleness and brilliant luminosity for longer. The technology is enriched with a unique protein complex that adapts to the individual needs of the hair.

BlondME: Hair care for blonde hair

The BlondeME hair care line is dedicated to the sensitive structure of blonde hair. Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and leave-in products nourish, restore and protect the hair fibres. This product line is grouped even further to meet the needs of individual hair concerns.

Cool Blondes

BlondeME Cool Blondes is specially tailored towards providing cool blonde tones with intensive care whilst maintaining the undertones. The neutralising formulas gently remove the colour pigments responsible for creating brassiness or unwanted warm nuances. At the same time, the structure of the hair is regenerated. For a cool nuance filled with luminosity.

All Blondes: Light & Rich

BlondeME All Blondes is a rich hair care line that specialises in targeting colour fade. The Light collection is formulated for fine to normal hair types whereas the Rich collection is designed to treat normal to thick hair.
All Blondes products restore and strengthen the structure of the hair using the 3D Bond Creation System whilst boosting shine at the same time.

Blonde Wonders

BlondME Blond Wonders is where styling and protection meet. BlondME Blonde Wonders Restoring Balm protects the blonde hair when using a flat iron.
BlondME Blonde Wonders Glaze Mist seals and protects the hair whilst enhancing shine.

All Blonde Detox

BlondME All Blondes Detox is made up of products that provide a deep-cleansing and detoxifying effect. The formula rebuilds the structure of the hair to revive and brighten blonde tones for a healthy-looking appearance.

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