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The power of nature for naturally gorgeous-looking hair

milk_shake uses the power of nature to develop professional and unique solutions for all hair care needs. The brand incorporates natural active ingredients, such as milk and yoghurt proteins, fruit extracts and the patented Integrity 41® ingredient to achieve beautiful-looking tresses.

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milk_shake was founded in Italy at the turn of the millennium by Ivano Panzeri. The name refers to the main ingredients milk and yoghurt proteins as well as fruit extracts, that are found in actual milkshakes.
Milk protein is one of the most nutrient-rich proteins due to its complete amino acid content, which contributes to the structure and strength of the hair. In combination with valuable fruit extracts and other precious natural active ingredients, the formulas are able to amplify shine, suppleness and fullness. It also makes the hair easier to style and manage.

The product palette ranges from cleansing and care formulas to hair styling and washable or permanent colour treatments. The fragrance compositions delight the senses with their natural scents.

milk_shake is more than a hair care brand. It supports people and the environment whilst celebrating diversity. Limited-edition products are launched annually of which a portion of the proceeds is donated to charities.