Extentioniste by Kérastase

Enhances hair growth & resilience

Résistance Extentioniste is a hair care line developed by Kérastase that supports hair growth and strengthens damaged hair types. For stronger, longer tresses.

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Résistance Extentioniste is the answer to beautifully long hair.
The longer hair becomes, the more susceptible it is to breakage. Therefore, many hair types do not achieve the desired length. This special scalp and hair care line by Kérastase strengthens the hair fibres and ensure a healthy scalp for optimum hair growth.

All the products from the Extentioniste range strengthen and regenerate the lengths and the ends of the hair. Brittle and damaged hair is supplied with rich care that promotes growth and boosts suppleness. The scalp is stimulated to ensure healthy hair growth. The roots of the hair are strengthened and protected.

The Résistance Extentioniste products ensure a light and optimum hair care routine.

  1. Cleanse and strengthen the hair with Résistance Extentioniste.
  2. Provide the hair with intensive care and pamper the tresses with Résistance Fondant Extentioniste or Masque Extentioniste for added suppleness.
  3. Nourish and stimulate the scalp with Résistance Serum Extentioniste.
  4. Strengthen and maintain the lengths and the ends with Résistance Extentioniste Thermique.

Key components:

  • Creatine supports flexibility and resilience.
  • Taurine is an amino acid that protects the hair and stimulates the scalp.
  • Ceramides repair surface damage and rebuild the outer layer of the hair fibre.
  • Maleic acid is composed of tiny particles that penetrate the hair fibre to provide protection.

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