Selective Professional Decolorvit Nova

Highly effective bleaching powder

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Supernova bleaching powder. This highly effective bleaching powder provides maximum bleaching properties and is enriched with a unique enzyme complex and meteorite powder. The innovative bonds of amino acids are able to release oxygen once in contact with hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching powder should solely be mixed with Decolorvit Active Use up to 9%.

  • Enzyme complex: reduces the percentage of use of ammonium persulphate by limiting its aggressiveness on the hair.
  • Meteorite powder: embellished with meteorite powder to add preciousness, uniqueness and strength to the product.


  • Decolorvit Nova should only be mixed with Decolorvit Active Use up to 9%.
  • Mix in a non-metallic bowl, based on the consistency and the chosen technique.
  • Apply the cream to dry hair and leave on, monitoring the bleaching development.
  • When the developing time is over, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and cleanse with the Selective Professionals ONcare Color Care.

Mixing ratios with Decolorvit Active Use 3%, 6% or 9%:

  • 1+1,5 maximum performance and brightening speed (up to 9 brightening tones)
  • 1+2 faster than standard setting times (up to 8 lightening tones)
  • 1+25 maximum controllability of the lightening process (more gradual/progressive brightness)

Developing time: Varies depending on the oxidizing emulsion used and the natural structure of the hair. Leave on for a maximum of 45 minutes.

  • It is recommended to not use Decolorvit Nova on sensitive hair types.

Content: 1 000 g

Brands : Selective Professional
Product Types : Bleaching
Note: Ingredients

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