Soleil by Kérastase

Protective care for sun-damaged hair

Kérastase Soleil is a rich protective and care product line developed for sun-damaged hair. High-quality product formulas protect each hair fibre before, during and after sun exposure. At the same time, the hair is strengthened so that it glistens as bright as the sun.

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Sunbathing is good for the soul, but it also has negative effects on hair and the scalp. UV rays, chlorine water, salt and sand can damage the hair. The Kérastase Soleil hair care line acts as a protective shield against these influences whilst restoring moisture and shine.
Colour treatments, in particular, fade faster in the sun. Kérastase Soleil maintains colour depth and shine.

All products in the Kérastase Soleil product line protect against sun damage and provide after-sun care - ideal for integrating into your hair care routine.

  1. Protect your hair with Soleil Crème UV Sublime prior to sunbathing.
  2. Cleanse and moisturise the hair with Bain Après-Soleil shampoo after sunbathing.
  3. Masque Après-Soleil adds extra nourishment as an additional step in your hair care routine.
  4. Protect the hair against future sun exposure with the Soleil Huile Sirène oil for a luscious, beach-wave look.

For all-round protection and luminous shine. A sweet fragrance composition made up of coconut water and tuberose delights the senses.

Active ingredients found in the Kérastase Soleil product line:

  • coconut water: adds moisture, suppleness and protects against hair breakage
  • ceramides: strengthen the hair and restore its natural protective layer
  • UV filters: protect the hair against UV rays and the harmful effects of the sun
  • mineral oils and plant-based wax: provide additional protection and enhance suppleness
  • macadamia oil and vitamin E: prevent the hair from drying out and reduce hair breakage

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