Fusio Scrub by Kérastase

Lifts away impurities from the hair & scalp

Fusio Scrub effectively conditions and cleanses the hair and the scalp for a beautiful and healthy-looking appearance. The product formulas counteract dandruff formation and itchiness and form the foundation for shiny hair full of volume.

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Benefits of a Scalp Scrub

The hair and scalp are affected by external influences on a daily basis, heat styling, colour treatments and frequent shampooing. This can lead to redness, itchiness, oiliness, dandruff and even hair loss.

Kérastase Fusio Scrub has an intensive yet gentle formula that provides a more thorough cleanse compared to regular shampooing and has a detoxifying effect. The scrub supports the natural regeneration process of the scalp. Hair growth improves when the scalp is healthy and restored. As a result, the hair is more supple, shinier and given lasting volume.

Fusio Scrub Application

The collection is made up of 2 scrubs:

  • Fusio Scrub Énergisant provides oily, greasy and dandruff-prone scalp types with an intensive cleansing action. It is ideal for thinning hair. Sea salt detoxifies while vitamin B6 and salicylic acid protect and strengthen the scalp.
  • Fusio Scrub Apaisant soothes sensitive, dry and dandruff-prone scalp types. A combination of jojoba oil and sweet orange peel moisturise the scalp. The scrub has a fresh citrus scent.

The scrubs are applied in the exact same way. Comb the hair before use then massage the scrub onto soaking wet hair using circular motions to cleanse and stimulate the scalp. It also lifts away impurities and other deposits from the hair. Emulsify the scrub by adding small amounts of water to create a rich lather then rinse thoroughly after a few minutes. It is best to follow up with a nourishing product thereafter, focusing on the lengths and ends of the hair. After using the scrub, teh hair is better equipped to absorb the active ingredients.

Fusio Scrub Replaces Regular Shampoo

The scrub can replace your regular shampoo once a week. When combined with a suitable conditioner, it forms the perfect hair care routine for the hair and the scalp. Regular shampoo can be used on the remaining days. It is not advised to replace your regular shampoo with this scrub for a daily hair care routine.

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