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Kerasilk has been at the forefront of outstanding hair care for decades, both in salons around the world and in bathrooms at home. The exceptional formulations enriched with silk have established Kerasilk as one of the most luxurious hair care brands.

Over the years Kerasilk has evolved and adapted to the changing times and trends. Bearing in mind the importance of protecting the environment around us, they are committed to developing more effective and sustainable solutions. The result of that approach is the exclusive Kerasilk Biomimetic Silk, a biotechnologically manufactured vegan alternative to hydrolysed silk based on a special combination of versatile amino acids.

By mimicking the conditioning properties of traditional silk, the new formulations with Biomimetic Silk have the positive effect of optimising your hair from the inside out. For hair that not only feels healthier but is healthier too. The added extra strength, resilience and elasticity leave hair looking healthy, soft and shiny.

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    Learn more about Kerasilk

    Kerasilk is constantly evolving to move with the times and create new worlds full of possibilities. The latest formulations are enhanced with Biotechnology to give you perfect hair that is strong and beautiful too.

    All the products feature Kerasilk Silk+ Technology. This combines the exclusive Biomimetic Silk with selected active ingredients and enhancers.

    What is Biomimetic Silk?

    Biomimetic Silk is a vegan and sustainable alternative to silk produced by insects.

    This biomimetic silk is a biotechnologically derived protein based on a special combination of versatile amino acids. It has a similar composition along with the beneficial properties of real silk.

    Why is Biomimetic Silk so effective?

    Daily washing and combing, stress and exposure to external influences such as the sun and air pollution can cause hair to lose amino acids naturally. As a result, it can become brittle, dull, and lifeless.

    Kerasilk formulations enriched with Biomimetic Silk replenish lost amino acids inside the hair and on the surface. The hair structure continues to improve with each application and results in stronger, more beautiful hair.

    Why is Biomimetic Silk better than insect-derived silk?

    The manufacturing process requires far less water and energy than traditional silk production. Biomimetic silk is thus a sustainable, high-performance, biodegradable and vegan alternative to insect-derived silk.

    How is Biomimetic Silk made?

    It is cultivated from Sachharomyces cerevisiae, a type of yeast, under special conditions in the lab. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, commonly known as baker's or brewer's yeast, provides an efficient system for protein production and can be cultivated on a large scale. This approach is ideal for mimicking the amino acids found in silk while reducing the use of chemicals, energy, and water.

    Highly effective ingredients and enhancers

    The ingredients and enhancers used in Kerasilk product formulations are

    • carefully selected
    • active
    • powerful
    • vegan

    Regardless of the hair texture and hair type, Kerasilk responds to the individual needs of hair and leaves it stronger and more beautiful than before.

    The formulations depend on highly effective ingredients to deliver maximum results:

    • RASPBERRY SEED OIL: This natural source is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.
    • KONJAK ROOT POWDER: Contains numerous vitamins, minerals, valuable lipids and proteins.
    • JOJOBA PEARLS: This high-quality, 100% natural alternative to polyethylene beads provides a very gentle but effective exfoliation of the scalp.
    • HYALOVEIL®: a biotechnologically manufactured, modified and advanced type of hyaluronic acid. It adheres to the surface of the hair, moisturises and protects the hair.
    • ECTOIN: This bio-engineered ingredient protects hair from environmental influences such as temperature fluctuations and moisture loss.
    • KERASHAPE TECHNOLOGY: This highly effective enhancer is activated by heat and ensures long-lasting changes in the hair structure.
    • BLUE LOTUS EXTRACT: Rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
    • SHEA OIL: rich in various fatty acids and antioxidants such as vitamins A,C, and E.
    • CARNAUBA WAX: Known as the "queen of waxes", it leands brilliant shine and suppleness to hair.
    • PIROCTON OLAMINE: developed for use in case of seborrheic dermatitis and dry scalp. Currently one of the most effective anti-dandruff active ingredients available.
    • T-FLAVANONE: Has effective properties for thicker hair and against hair loss.

    The gorgeous fragrance of Kerasilk products

    The luxurious fragrance unique to Kerasilk was specially developed with expert French perfumers in Grasse, France.

    The top notes are bergamot, cypress and apple, while the heart note includes white jasmine and lily of the valley. The fragrance is rounded off with base notes of deep, rich amber nuances.

    The unique, exclusive and unmistakable scent of Kerasilk caresses the senses.

    Kerasilk - climate neutral, sustainable & environmentally conscious

    All of the brand's products are certified as climate-neutral by ClimatePartner.

    Kerasilk constantly strives to use the latest developments in biotechnology to offer highly effective, environmentally friendly and vegan ingredients and formulations. Only high-quality ingredients from sustainable sources are used in their products. They use ingredients of natural origin as far as possible. One of their priorities is to use the highest percentage of biodegradable substances.

    Furthermore, Kerasilk is constantly working on developing minimalist, environmentally friendly packaging and designs. The aim is to reduce packaging material and waste and to improve the recycling potential of packaging materials.

    How is the Kerasilk brand structured?

    Kerasilk offers the flexibility to provide customised care for every hair type. Because every hair is unique and requires individual attention to bring out the best.

    Several lines of products have been developed that complement each other perfectly: Essentials, Specialists and Styling.

    Kerasilk Specialists

    The special products in the Specialists line include powerful care products that optimise the hair from the inside out.

    Kerasilk HAIR MASKS:

    • Strengthening Mask: For stronger, more resilient hair
    • Recovery Mask: Regenerates & repairs
    • Smoothing Mask: Nourishes & tames unmanageable hair

    Kerasilk HAIR OIL:

    • Multi-Benefit Hair Oil: For shine, frizz control & heat protection

    Kerasilk HAIR BALM:

    • Restorative Balm: Strengthens & nourishes for less breakage
    • Taming Balm: Tames & soothes unruly hair
    • Color Sealer: For optimal colour protection and brilliance
    • Curl Balm: Perfects & defines curls

    Kerasilk SPRAYS:

    • Volumizing Spray: For more volume without weighing down the hair
    • Repairing Spray: Immediate repair & regeneration
    • Liquid Cuticle Filler: Improves the cuticle layer, invigorates and regenerates

    Kerasilk SCALP CARE:

    • Exfoliating Scalp Pre-Wash: Clarifying scalp scrub
    • Activating Scalp Foundation: Refreshes & revitalises the scalp
    • Redensifying Scalp Serum: For denser & thicker hair
    • Anti-Dandruff Scalp Serum: Clarifying serum against dandruff

    Essentials by Kerasilk

    The Essentials line is a collection of gentle cleansing and conditioning products to create the optimal foundation for best results.

    Kerasilk SHAMPOOS:

    • Color Protecting Shampoo: For a protected, radiant hair colour
    • Repairing Shampoo: Regenerates and cares for stressed hair
    • Smoothing Shampoo: For more suppleness & control of unruly hair
    • Volumizing Shampoo: Supports natural volume without added weight
    • Redensifying Shampoo: Makes hair look denser and thicker
    • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: Effective cleansing against dandruff

    Kerasilk CONDITIONER:

    • Color Protecting Conditioner: care for vibrant colour and shine
    • Repairing conditioner: For regeneration & care
    • Smoothing Conditioner: For smooth, soft hair
    • Volumizing Foam Conditioner: For more support and volume

    Styling by Kerasilk

    The styling line offers high-performance products that ensure long-lasting hold and natural movement. Complete your look and perfect your style!

    • Multi-Purpose Hairspray: Fixes, styles and protects against frizz and humidity
    • Texturizing Finishing Spray: Provides perfect definition & texture
    • Volumizing Styling Foam: Aerosol-free foam for more volume
    • Flat Iron Spray: Offers heat protection up to 230°C
    • Finishing Cream: For a brilliant styling finish