Mad about Lengths by Schwarzkopf Professional

Comprehensive hair care system with hydrating actives

Mad about Lengths by Schwarzkopf Professional is an expert hair care line designed for long hair. This rich collection strengthens the hair from roots to ends.

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Maintaining long hair or growing your hair to reach a certain length can be challenging. The Mad about Lengths product line by Schwarzkopf Professional in an expert assortment of products that target the needs of long hair.
Hydrating formulas enriched with biotin encourage fast hair growth. Biotin is known for its strengthening effect on the roots of the hair. It activates the hair follicle and fortifies the cuticles.

Aquarine complex: innovative complex with advanced technology maximises the length of the hair whilst repairing and reducing split ends.

The product line includes:

  • a mild, sulphate-free shampoo that gently cleanses and strengthens the hair.
  • a rich mask that repairs the lengths of the hair.
  • a protective 2-phase spray that nourishes and mends the ends of the hair.
  • a fortifying hair serum that activates the roots of the hair.

Mad about Lengths supports optimum hair growth and balances the moisture levels of the hair. For hair that feels wonderful, looks stronger and is able to grow to its full potential.

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