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Experience transformative hair care- For rejuvenated hair that feels healthy and revitalised

Ever since the brand was launched in 1974, System Professional has been focused on using science to find long-term solutions to achieve desired hair results. Their scientists use the power of lipids with the conviction that transformative hair care begins from within. Their research led them to develop the patented LipidCode™ which deeply regenerates the hair and makes it noticeably healthier and stronger.
System Professional LipidCode™ is the first coded, modular system of high-performance haircare products that adapts optimally to the unique needs of your hair thanks to the patented LipidCode™ Complex. Selected fragrances and luxurious textures also ensure an unforgettable experience in salon-perfect quality. Every day.

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System Professional products are optimised to find the right care for you and your hair. They allow you to enjoy the feeling of comforting, salon-quality care every day.

Discover your individual care system

System Professional LipidCode has unlocked the secret of ideal hair. Every person's hair is unique with its own energy profile - as unique as every individual and every fingerprint. Here you can carry out a hair diagnosis in order to find the perfect care tailored to your needs. For transformed hair, reborn!

The History

In 1974, scientists developed System Professional, the first coded, modular system of high-performance care. Based on the science of the hair's own lipids, it can be perfectly tailored to the individual needs of your hair. A large number of different products were developed that can be individually combined in 174 million configurations. Thanks to this highly customisable range, you will find the optimal solution for your needs.

The Science of Lipids

Lipids are fatty substances contained in hair. They hold the keratin building blocks together from the inside. Hair loses lipids every day, making it vulnerable and weak.
System Professional products use the patented LipidCode™ technology to protect the natural lipids in hair and provide it with optimal care.

Added Value for Your Hair

By using the appropriate System Professional LipidCode™ products, you can protect your hair's own keratin layer. The care products repair your hair from the inside and make it more resistant to breakage. The high-quality formula gives your hair suppleness and shine. At the same time, it gives the hair new strength and ensures long-lasting results.

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