Bellody Original Hair Ties

Bellody Original Hair Ties

Eye-catching accessories

Hair ties - more than just an accessory

We complement our everyday look with a host of different accessories, be it a matching handbag, belt, sunglasses or shoes - nothing is left to change. But, have you ever taken thought to harmonising the overall look with your hair ties?

Hair ties are not all alike. They vary greatly in terms of quality and appearance. The right hair tie can add substantial value to your look whereas a poorly chosen version my cause unpleasant side effects on the hair.

Disadvantages of poor-quality hair ties

1.) Unpleasant tautness

When sporting a bun or ponytail, it is particularly important that the hair ties offer strong hold. However, this is often accompanied by a lack of elasticity. Hair ties that are difficult to stretch or add pressure to the scalp should be avoided. Pressure on the hair and scalp can lead to damaging the roots and the hair follicles which in turn impairs hair growth. Hair ties that are too tight and not elastic may also cause headaches and create pressure points.

2.) Brittle hair

Hair ties designed with metal elements can damage the structure of the hair by tugging at the strands or even snapping them off. This is due to the hair becoming tangled at the edges of the metal elements which also causes tangles.

3.) Worn-out hair ties

Another key problem that inferior hair ties pose is that they wear out too quickly. As a result, they cannot do justice to their most important function, which is to offer secure hold. If this criterion is not met, no matter how pretty the hair tie, it is and will remain useless.

Bellody is different!

Conventional hair ties have the problem that, although they offer a strong hold, they squeeze the hair too tightly. The result: pressure points, headaches and stressed, kinked hair are the result. Others, although gentle on the hair, do not offer sufficient hold, making them counterproductive.

Bellody Original hair ties represent a symbiosis of design and function.

The Bellody Original hair ties combine the advantages of different types of hair ties: gentle on the hair - strong hold! And, stylish when paired with any look!

  • They offer secure hold without exerting uncomfortable pressure on the scalp.
  • They are elastic and maintain their original structure after use.
  • They do not wear out even after months of wear.
  • Their flexible, corrugated structure allows the hair ties to be individually adjusted to the respective hair type.
  • Because the hair ties are metal-free, they prevent hair from getting tangled, damaged, or even pulled out.

Stylish looks with Bellody Original hair ties

The Bellody Original hair ties doubles as a stylish hair and wrist accessory. Its rippled structure adapts to the individual hair type and ensures maximum hold - even when worn on very thick hair.

The super fashionable hair accessories do not lose elasticity nor put pressure on the scalp, making them the perfect everyday companion.
No matter what outfit you choose to sport on any particular day - the Bellody Original hair ties complete every look. The large selection of colours enhances every outfit.

Bellody original scrunchies

Velvety soft and super gentle.

Conventional hair ties often damage sensitive hair types. The scrunchie, which is wrapped in super-soft velvet (velour), combines optimum support with a comfortable fit that is gentle on the hair. Due to a large selection of modern colours, the Bellody velvet scrunchies can be combined with any outfit.
High-quality materials and careful manufacturing processes make them particularly gentle on the hair and make the scrunchies particularly durable.

Bellody Original Silk Scrunchies

Tres chic - if you want something a little more chic, the elegant Bellody silk scrunchies are just the ticket. The Bellody Original hair tie located inside the fabric is encased in a beautifully shiny silk fabric, perfectly combining strong hold and a high-quality look.
Two colour varieties allow styling them with different outfits - a soft pink for playful, feminine looks; and black for an elegant and classic appearance.

Bellody Minis

The Bellody Minis are a real must-have for all fashion enthusiasts. The hair ties are designed with unique ribbing and are ideal for stylish braided hairstyles, small braids or separating the hair.
These small hair accessories are guaranteed to turn heads. The compact combination pack contains 10 hair ties of the same colour. Ideal to combine with any look. The hair ties contain no metal or connectorelements meaning they will not tug the hair whilst providing maximum hold.

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The hair ties deliver on their promise! Can't decide? You don't have to. Simply choose them all to elevate your next look!