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For fuller, stronger lashes & brows

Vegan, effective and made in Germany: that is what CILAMOUR represents with its range of products that nourish and strengthen the lashes and brows. The formulas are backed by the highest level of research and expert knowledge. Enriched with botanical mung bean, red clover and magnolia extracts paired with biotin, zinc, magnesium and other nourishing elements.

Many factors can lead to a dip in the concentration of nutrients found in the tissues which may have a negative impact on hair growth: stress, imbalanced hormones, medicine intake or diet. The CILAMOUR serums support hair growth and have a stimulating, revitalising and strengthening effect. However, each user is individual and the serum may take effect faster or slower depending on various factors.

Discover CILAMOUR for thicker, fuller, stronger and more supple lashes and brows.

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